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What is truly harmful is often invisible to the eye.

This is especially true when one is faced with sewage cleanup after the flooding due to heavy rains or a sewage blockage which results in damage to the home.

Even if you do not see signs of human waste it does not mean that is microorganisms are not present. It is also important to remember that animal waste is just as dangerous as human.

Avoid flood waters at all costs. A splash in the eye or a cut on a finger is all that it takes for dangerous pathogens present in sewage water to infect your body.

In these cases, always call on the professionals at Sewage Cleanup Philadelphia. These dedicated crews know what to do in these emergencies and how to keep your family and buildings safe from the devastation caused by flood waters or any sewage backup situation.

You know you will need to call in the professionals when:

  • You have suffered a natural flood which has overflown its banks.
  • Sewage backup caused by a septic system blockage affects more than one room in a house.
  • Water has been standing more than 24 hours in a basement or in a home.

The Sewage Cleanup Louisville team understands the vital importance of quick response time. They are always available on an emergency basis 24/7 every single day of the year. They pledge to work safely and efficiently to extract any water and waste and will use steam cleaning, detergents and antibiotic formulas to assist in removing any health hazard from your home. Call us in time and we will take our time to make sure it is done right the first time.

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